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Name: Yonus Bakhshi
Qualification: M. Sc. Heilbronn University, 2017, Germany , B.C.Sc. Pune University, 2011, India
Facebook: Yonus bakhshi
Message: Let me empower you and your organization with awesome and smart tools!
Things that were not possible yesterday, are possible today! Impossibility belongs to past. Empowerment and capacity building using tools and technologies belong to Future! So, for a better future and bright Afghanistan, let us be united and work together.

About me!

I hold a Master Degree in Software Engineering and Management from a prestigious German university.

I recently started working with major Afghanistan’s embassies and their consulates with an objective to digitize and automate their inefficient, tedious and time-consuming manual processes.

My goal in the context of e-governmence is to transform the so called inefficient old-fashion ways of doing things into complete digitized management systems and automated processes using cutting-edge technologies, which in fact, are more efficient, smarter, faster, and more transparent. In another words, the goal is to institutionalize sound, smart and digitized systems into government organizations.